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Things To Know About Raccoon Control:



Raccoons, sometimes referred to as “masked bandits”, are often admired for their intelligence and their ingenuity. But these traits also make them quite destructive to homes and businesses. Their average weight is 12 to 20 lbs.  and they should be dealt with very carefully.


Property Damage from Raccoons

  • Raccoons most often like to make dens in chimneys, roofs and attics, especially over bedrooms where it tends to be quieter. They are nocturnal (i.e. active at night), making them quite a nuisance when homeowners are trying to sleep.

FACT: Raccoons have very manipulative paws, which means they can open jars, garbage cans and even door latches. They are also quite strong and will rip up shingles, soffit, flashings and aluminium.
  • Mother raccoons will do just about anything to get to their young if separated and will also try very hard to get back into a den site. The babies (kits) can also be quite curious and destructive once they are mobile.

FACT: The mother instinct in raccoons is very strong and they will cause major damage if separated from their young.
  • Raccoons will chew through electrical wires to clear access to a den site

FACT: Frayed wires pose a serious fire hazard, especially if close to flammable materials like wood or insulation.

Health Risks from Raccoons

FACT: Raccoons infected with rabies often cannot be distinguished from healthy ones. Rabies is transmitted through saliva from the infected raccoon to humans and pets, often through a bite.
  • Raccoon feces are commonly infected with a roundworm known as Baylisascaris. If the eggs are ingested by humans, they can cause nausea, organ malfunction, blindness, loss of muscle control and even death. Extreme caution is advised to avoid any contact.

FACT: The roundworm eggs are extremely resilient and can be easily transmitted through water runoff, soil and building materials to surrounding areas.

Raccoons - How to Find Them

  • Raccoons emit a large number of vocalizations and prefer to build dens in warm, dry locations. They are very active animals and will scurry around attics, chimneys and roofs, usually at night. Feces and fur are often found at the entry point and there can be a strong odour detected.

FACT: Raccoons are able to gain entry through just about any common building material (e.g. wood, soffit, aluminium, shingles and flashings). On average, there are 10-25 raccoons per square kilometre in urban areas.

Raccoons - How to Remove Them

  • Simply patching the entry hole doesn’t work. They will rip it open to regain entry or find their young.

FACT: The most effective method is to remove all the raccoons and completely seal the entire building from further entry.
  • Killing or capturing the adult likely won’t solve the problem, since the babies may still be living in the attic, chimney, walls or roof.

FACT: Raccoons usually produce 5-6 babies per year from early spring to late summer. The young become very vocal upon birth and are mobile around six weeks of age. Raccoons usually have 5-6 den sites in residential areas.

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Fall Temperatures Bring the Raccoons, Squirrels & Other Wildlife In


With one word most wildlife problems are the result of lack of “maintenance”. Here is a list of a few things I often see while inspecting homes with wildlife living in their structures.

1. Branches or trees up against the building or extending over a roof.

2. Old vents that have rusted out or destroyed by birds, squirrels, raccoon, possums , rats and so many other vermin.

3. Access left behind air conditioners, pipes & cables protruding into homes and garages.

4. Garage doors that don’t seal or are actually broken and do not close. The rubber seal on the bottom of garage door chewed up (I fix these cheaper then having to buy a whole new garage door with rubberized metal sweeps).

5. Broken screening or frames in a state of disrepair.

Bottom line if you leave them a hole and it gets cold they will find a way in. Repairing these items will keep wild animals & birds out of your home.

If you need these repairs just call Robb Russell who services the entire North central Florida Area from Live Oak to McClenny, Starke, Keystone Heights, Waldo , Hawthorne, Gainesville, Brooker Ocala, Newberry, Trenton, Branford, Fort White, High Springs, Alachua, Lake Butler, Lake City, Williston, Chiefland and Mayo.

Robb Russel Squirrel Removal-Two caged Squirrels

We are family business and family oriented both of my two sons help and learn from dad on the job! I keep them off the streets and teach them a trade and how to use tools and help the public.

Wayne is a Senior, loves to work woth tools and resolve Wildlife problems alongside Dad.

Wayne Russell installing a squirrel trap in Suwannee County

live bee removal in gainesville, Florida  Area

My 15 year old son, Ed like me  is  beekeeper and removes live bees from structures and off landcapes.

Ed Russell checking  out a beehive looking for the quenn

I recommend for services in the remainder of Florida, Mississippi, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin and California visit my sister company and .

So You Are Hearing Noises in the Attic??


Urbanized animals have learned to live and adapt extremely well living amongst us. Today a new variety of raccoon, squirrel and other animals now live amongst us. The urbanized animal is now very much unlike his cousins that live deep in the woods and have never had contact with our urbanized environments of today. That deep woods “species” is becoming rarer and rarer , and most animals we encounter today are the urbanized variety.


The urbanized animal may not even make it in the wild , sad but true. Generations of animals have been born in our empty sheds, barns and yes even our attics. The attic is one of the most common places “critter mommas” choose to bear and raise their children. You may ask why because her mother did and her grand mother and her great grandmother did. The attic was discovered years back and is the safest place to raise young and keep out of harms way from predators. Fact is few of us even go in our attics and when we do it is for a few minutes if at all and these animals know it and capitalize on it.

young raccoon kits found in a attic


These urbanized animals live off our table scraps, your food you set out for the neighbors cat or even your dog, Those bird feeders eventually become a outdoor cafe for all the animals living under yours or a neighbors roof. Keep your garbage under lid and sealed and keep the family Bar BQ clean after each use. If you have fruit bearing trees and have no plans to eat the food remove it and send it off your property. If not you become part of the problem in your neighborhood.


Just because you see a raccoon on your roof and have noises in your attic is not a guarantee you even have raccoons in your attic. However the longer animals spend time on your roof may be an opportunity for them to break into your home and create new passageways.You may actually have squirrels and a raccoon is looking for a squirrel nest for its next meal. Sometimes several species of animal like raccoon, possum and rats and squirrels may each be occupying your homes attic.


All of these animals have chose an attic over a tree hollow for their homes. Many of them will use your home as a toilet and create a health hazard by contamination of your home with several harmful and contagious diseases like raccoon roundworm and histoplasmosis.


In summary if you hear noises in the attic you may have more then one species living under your roof , or not even the animal you observe near or on your home occupying your attic. Have your home inspected, hire a professional to remove the offending animal(s) and get it cleaned up before they have a direct effect on your families health.

If you have any wildlife , animal or bird concerns please give me a call . I promise to find the solution to eliminating your wildlife problems.

Do Wild Animals Think Your Home Is A 5-Star Hotel!

Are you offering cozy accommodations, a snack bar just down the driveway and protection from predators using your attic, porch, deck, under shed or basement a preferred address. Most nuisance animals are active year round, sneaking into your home during the winter for warmth and staying to raise their young in early spring. Some consider it a permanent change of address, others check in every nesting season.

If you offer food, water or a living habitat and it becomes available to opportunistic animals you will become their new 5 Star Hotel Accommodation.

Tips To Help Prevent Unwanted Wild Animal Visitors.

1. Keep trash covered under lid or store in a garage or shed until pick up time. Leaving garbage bags with edible foods or rubbish with out covered containers invites trouble for both you and your neighbors.

2. Do you like to grill outside? A good clean grill after use will stop them from be attracted to the grills oils/grease and uncooked food stuff wastes your grill can harbor.Always thoroughly clean a grill after its use.

3. Keep branches, trees and shrubbery off of your home and roof.many animals are good climbers and squirrels, possums, raccoons and many others will use these to try to cause damage and gain access into your home.

4. Bird feeders feed more then birds. Yes it is a joy to see the birds but they also attract other vermin like mice, rats , squirrels and their predators. If you actively replace the feed in your bird feeder you may be causing a problem and not even know it.

5. Never feed a pet outdoors and if you must don’t leave their uneaten food in containers for other unwanted visitors. One of the biggest causes of unwanted vermin starts with leaving food out for a stray cat or dog.

These are just a few tips and having your home inspected and replacing worn building materials and closing off entry and exit points is the best way to have a pro active wild animal or bird program.

I offer professional home inspection services and perform most animal damage repair and exclusions for any animal, bird, bat or wildlife such as raccoons, possums, rats, mice, bats, possums, snakes and more.

Robb Russell, The Wildlife Pro , LLC

Nature's  wild animals are both cute and adorable when glimpsed from your kitchen window or encountered in the park. Sightings are followed by smiles and "oohs" and "aahs" as we rush our children to the window to watch their charming antics. But these same wild animals  quickly lose their charm when these wild animals seek shelter within the cozy confines of your home. Wild animals wreak considerable havoc outside their natural setting, they carry pests and diseases that pose a very real threat to your family's health and safety.

As urban population's grow, so do our chances of human-wildlife conflicts. The Professionals at Anytime Animal Control are specially trained in wildlife management. We resolve human-wildlife conflicts using responsible techniques and methods to preserve the animals natural habitat.

What ever the situation. Anytime Animal Control has the knowledge, equipment, technology and committment to professionally resolve your conflicts with wildlife.

Here are a few of the wildlife conflicts we regularly handle Live Honey Bee Trapping , Coyotes, Dead Animal Removal, Feral Cats, Gophers, Moles, Mice, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Raccoons,Skunks, Snakes, Squirrels, and more.